On March 20, 2018

A Guide to Growing Annuals

By definition, annuals are plants that mature from seed, to flower, to seed-producers, in a single growing season. They are a wonderful addition to any garden, as you can plant them in early spring and expect gorgeous blooms not long thereafter.

However, to maintain the life of these plants, you’ll need to follow some of these gardening basics.

When should I plant my annuals?
It is typically safe to plant annuals after the last frost of the year, at the beginning of spring. Just be wary if you live in an area that experiences particularly cold nights early in the season.

What type of soil should I use?
Most annuals thrive in loose, nutrient-dense soil. They should be planted at least two to three inches below the surface, in a combination of soil and either compost, ground bark, or peat moss.

How much water do annuals need?
Depending on the amount of rainfall in your area, annuals should be watered regularly. The soil should be kept damp, but not fully-saturated.

Should I use fertilizer?
Though not absolutely necessary, fertilizer can help keep your annuals healthy. Consult with your local home and garden store for the best type of fertilizer for your yard.  

Do I need to worry about pruning?
Yes—if you want your annuals to continue to bloom through the summer. You can remove dead flowers with shears, or by pinching at the base of the flower to remove.

Maintaining your annuals doesn’t have to be challenging. Grow a gorgeous garden come spring by following these tips!

Source: americanlifestylemag.com

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