On April 16, 2018

Design Through the Decades

Like clothing and cars, interior design has changed dramatically over the years. Styles fade in and out of popularity, but there are always a handful of ever-popular designs that have managed to stand the test of time.



Art Deco
Time period: 1920s–1930s
Characterized by: sleek patterns, chrome fixtures, wood furnishings

Art deco utilizes a mixture of patterns and furnishings so don’t be afraid to play around with mixing bold pieces together.





Arts and Crafts
Time period: 1910s–1920s
Characterized by: craftsmanship; highlights architecture and designer’s personality

In the arts and crafts style, architecture is key. Highlight bold archways and door frames, and incorporate homemade decor.





Midcentury Modern
Time period: 1950s–1960s
Characterized by: minimalistic architecture; colorful and energetic furniture

As one of the most popular styles to this day, you can draw inspiration for this style from virtually anywhere—just be sure to keep lines simple while incorporating fun furniture.





Time period: modern
Characterized by: bold fabrics, textures, and colors; inspired and creative

Anything goes in this confident style; so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine (that includes mixing colors and designs to fit your taste).





Shabby Chic
Time period: 1980s
Characterized by: vintage feel with soft florals, white accents, and painted motifs

Shabby chic is all about pushing the boundaries of femininity in design. Feel free to blend floral patterns and pastel shades, just be sure to keep it somewhat simple to avoid a gaudy look.




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