On September 21, 2017

Do these 5 things as soon as you move in

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. From cleaning to unpacking, your to-do list seems never-ending. However, it’s important to set aside time to walk through the below checklist. Completing these simple tasks as soon as possible can help you save big money in the future.

1. Install LED light bulbs.

Although they’re more costly than regular bulbs, LED lights can save you a lot of money and energy use in the long run. Consider installing them in places where the lights might be left on for a long time—the kitchen, living room, closet, and basement. It’s a simple change that can save you big bucks

2. Hang a clothes rack.

Purchase a portable drying rack, and place it in either your laundry room or basement. The more clothes that you allow to air-dry, the less you have to run your dryer, ultimately lowering your electric bill.

3. Unblock your air vents.

After putting the furniture in your new house, take a quick look around to see if any of your new pieces are blocking the vents. Obstructed vents can cause inadequate airflow. Giving your vents room to breathe not only helps your system from working overtime, but also reduces your electric bill.

4. Make spare keys.

Yes, you know that you need to change the locks, but did you think of making a set of spare keys? Whether you leave an extra key under the doormat or give it to somebody you trust, it will eliminate the chance of having to shell out money for calling a locksmith to come let you in.

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