On August 1, 2017

Four small organization tips


Small spaces can radiate coziness. From breakfast nooks to window benches, the smaller the space, the cuter it may seem. However, when it comes to storage, a small pantry is anything but cozy. In order to make the most out of a small pantry, a good deal of patience and organization is required. With these four tips, you’ll create enough space for your kitchenware—without having to throw out any of your favorite snacks!

  1. Give drawer organizers a new home. 
    Sure, organizers are useful for drawers, but they can serve an even greater purpose in the pantry. Consider utilizing them to store small individual packets of tea and sugar. The best part? Drawer organizers easily slide, greatly reducing the chance of you having to pull everything out in search of small items.
  2. Make the most out of the back of the door. 
    The back of a cabinet door doesn’t have to be dead space. Maximize this area by installing a wire rack. Keep oils, spices, and condiments neatly stacked on the rack. If you prefer not to take the rack route, simple sticky hooks can make a world of difference!
  3. Show off your spices. 
    If you have too many spices or just can’t find the space on the back of your pantry door—don’t worry! Spices can easily be displayed in a purchased spice rack, or on a repurposed vintage stamp holder for a DIY flare. Your spice rack can rest either on top of your kitchen counter or on a freestanding cart. If you don’t the counter space, consider hanging a magnetic board on your wall, and attaching a magnet to the back of the spices.
  4. Learn the nesting method. 
    If you’re like most people, you probably own a plethora of plastic containers. Since they come in all shapes and sizes, improperly stored containers can take up a large amount of room. Good thing that nesting is both efficient and simple! Put the largest container at the bottom, stack the next size container inside, and so forth.

Regardless of how you decide to maximize a small pantry, just remember—a well-organized pantry will lead to a stress-free you!

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