On October 24, 2017

Four things you can do with leaves this fall

Fall foliage is beautiful, but the beauty quickly turns into hard work once the leaves fall. Instead of raking and bagging the leaves this year, consider these simple ways that allow you to make the most out of the fallen piles.

Studies show that mulching your leaves can make a hearty fertilizer for your grass. It’s as simple as taking your lawn mower, chopping up the leaves, and letting them absorb into the ground. By the time that spring comes, you’ll notice how much healthier your grass appears.

Leaves make a nutritious addition to a compost pile. Unlike mulching, they don’t have to be chopped, and can be added whole to your pile. If you don’t have your own compost pile, consider taking them to a community site.

Leaf mold.
If you’re looking for a natural soil enrichment for gardening, a leaf mold is the way to go. To make the mold, pile your leaves in a wire bin, dampen, and let air-dry. Come spring, you’ll be able to dig or till the mold into your beds to improve soil structure.

During the fall months, what’s a better decoration staple than vibrant leaves collected from your yard? From table decorations for a harvest potluck to leaf print artwork, leaves can be easily incorporated into your seasonal home decor.

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