On January 31, 2017

How to bring the beach to a wintertime party

Take the doldrums out of the dreary winter weather with these ideas for a beat the winter blues party! By providing sun-soaked snacks, warm-weather drinks, and summertime photo props, you’ll bring the summer vibe indoors for your guests!


Whatever food you choose to serve, make sure that you bring the beach with it. A tasty example would be making sand pudding by mixing vanilla pudding with crushed graham crackers; another is creating a sunshiny snack using sliced cheese and grapes. You can always have ice cream and water ice at the ready as well for treats. And remember to keep everyone hydrated by offering lots of water!


coldwinterparty_printables1-300x225Set the summertime vibe with these fun downloadable party accessories. Make sure to have the tropical-themed decorations, tent cards, and place cards prevalent at your party to maximize the summertime look. And think of how much fun your guests will have with their snorkeling gear, sunglasses, and food and drink cutouts.

Don’t forget that summertime attire will be required, too—short sleeves, shorts and sandals for everyone! (You can even have some sunscreen ready, if only for the summery scent.) Prepare a place for your guests to change into their summertime gear, keep your place nice and toasty by setting your thermostat to warm, and let the summer fun ensue!

Source: americanlifestylemag.com

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