On January 19, 2017

How to host a winter wonderland party

In some parts of the country, the temperature rarely gets to the freezing mark. And, while this may be great day-to-day living, it can also leave you longing for some seasonal weather, especially if you’re a transplant from a state that experiences the seasons. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the winter feel to you! Host your own winter wonderland party using these tips for snow-and-ice-themed treats, artwork, and stylish table settings that would make Jack Frost proud.


Keep the color scheme intact with the food that you choose by opting for whites and blues. Some options would include rock candy for icicles and truffles of your choice for snowballs: you can either buy some white chocolate varieties or make your own snickerdoodle truffles. And don’t forget: nonpareils are a fun and delicious way to bring a snowcapped feel to your food spread.



In order to get your guests into the wintertime mood, you need to have the proper look and feel of winter. Download these winter party accessories to get artwork, tent cards, place cards, and thank you gift tags to include with your party. And you can’t have a proper winter wonderland party with guests showing up in shorts; ask them to dress for cold weather, and make sure the AC is cranked up to add the proper chill to the air.

Source: americanlifestylemag.com

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