On December 12, 2017

How to prepare plants for cold weather

If you live a region that is prone to brutally cold winters, it can seem next to impossible to keep your plants alive during the harsh weather. But, not to fear! These tips can help you prepare and preserve your plants until the warm weather reemerges in the spring.

Bring them indoors. 
If you have potted or hanging plants, bring them inside. If you don’t have enough space inside of your house, a garage or shed can still be extremely beneficial. Regardless of their new location, make sure that the plants still receive adequate sunlight and water throughout the winter.

Cut them down. 
Keep an eye out for any bushes or shrubs that have diseased foliage. If you do spot the unusual colored leaves, trim them away with clippers, and discard them in the trash. Ridding the plants of diseased leaves will enable them to regrow once springtime comes back around. 

Apply another layer of mulch. 
Mulch can act as an extremely effective insulation tool for your plants. It holds the heat and moisture in the soil, ultimately protecting the roots from the bitter cold. Applying a layer of mulch that is 2–3 inches thick in the beginning of the fall can last until the springtime.

Feed them compost. 
In addition to mulching, take the time in the beginning of fall to work in a 4-inch thick layer of compost around the plants. Compost breaks down over time, enabling the plants to receive adequate nutrients throughout the winter. 

Source: americanlifestylemag.com

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