On April 26, 2018

Light Up Your Space

A little bit of natural light is the best complement to any space, but it can be difficult to achieve for some homeowners. Without breaking down the ceiling to put in a skylight, there are plenty of ways you can make sure the sun shines brightly in your space!


Maximize Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light, so by placing one across from a window, the sunlight will bounce into all areas of the room, including those that are normally dark.

Lighten Windows
Keep your windows free and clear of dust, and remove any dark treatments that would prevent sunshine from peeking through. Light-colored or transparent window panels are also a good choice; try linen or another breezy material.

Remove Dust
Believe it or not, dirt and grime around windows and light fixtures have a dramatic effect on the brightness of a room. Go through every once in a while with a dust rag to keep the room’s natural glow.

Fresh Fabrics
Heavy material around windows and on furniture works to darken the feel of a room. Instead, opt for light-colored or pastel curtains and furniture covers that are breathable.


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