On October 10, 2017

Maintaining a naturally bug-free home

No matter how clean we are or what we do, sometimes it seems like our homes are a haven for all kinds of critters. But instead of turning to harsh chemicals to shoo them away, try utilizing one of these all-natural tips that are tried and true.

Break out the essential oils.
Natural oils, such as mint, vanilla, lavender, and lemongrass, are known to naturally repel insects. Keeping some in a bowl diluted with a little water should keep things like ants and spiders off of countertops.

Remove any standing water. 
Most bugs, especially mosquitoes, thrive around standing pools of water. Whether it be outdoors or in, getting rid of any large puddles can prevent a breeding ground for these biting bugs.

A little vinegar goes a long way. 
White vinegar has a myriad of uses in home care—for cleaning surfaces, disinfecting, and for keeping bugs at bay. Mix two parts water and one part vinegar in a spray bottle, and spray along entryways or other areas you think the bugs might be getting in through.

Let chalk be your guide. 
You read that right—chalk is known to keep ants, in particular, from crossing into areas where they don’t belong. The fine powder removes the scent of other ants, leaving them unable to identify where their friends have been. Try drawing a line around doors and windows (they won’t cross it).

Seal up screens. 
Gaps or tears in window and door screens are one of the major ways bugs can enter your home. Make sure to remove their clear path of entry by sealing up gaps in doorways and windows with caulk, and patching up any holes.

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