On May 17, 2018

Maximize Your Small Closet Space

You visit your closet every morning of every day to pick out an outfit. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of perusing through a celebrity-sized closet space, and are stuck with a cramped closet instead. Don’t let this become a burden, rather, make use of the space you do have with these tips and tricks.

When was the last time you decluttered your closet? The first step to maximizing your closet space is to take inventory of what you have, and to donate or throw away items that you don’t wear. This doesn’t have to be a complete minimalism project, but the littlest declutter can make a world of difference in your small space.

Take out seasonal itemes.

Whether it’s the first snowfall or the first bloom to make you realize it’s a new season, take cue from nature and organize your closet accordingly. Sweaters and cardigans can especially take up ample room in a small closet, and those delicate spring blouses could get easily lost or wrinkled in the sweater takeover. Invest in bins that will alleviate the seasonal clothing conundrum.

Group by color.

Organization is sometimes key to any tricky spacing situation. When you open your closet, and see every color of the rainbow in every nook and cranny, it can instantly appear messy and cluttered. Grouping items first by type, then by color, will eliminate the look of disorganization.

Try a rack on wheels.

If your closet can’t handle your wardrobe, but your room can, then it may be wise to consider a separate rack for certain items. This look has become more popular in the fashion blogger community, as it frees up precious closet space, while acting as a trendy interior design choice. Pick out your favorite pieces from your closet, and put them on display.

Add more rods.

When all else fails, use any dead space in your closet to your advantage, and add more hooks and rods to hang clothes and other items on. Use the back of your door as well, which could be a great place for scarves, shoes, or even accessories.  


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