On September 17, 2017

Natural solutions for a dehumidified home

In most parts of the US, summer is an extremely humid season. Aside from making our hair frizzy, high levels of humidity can actually be hazardous to our health—not to mention the condition of our homes—causing problems with mold, mildew, and allergies.

If you’re experiencing extreme humidity levels in your home, here are a few simple solutions to help you combat it.

Keep air flowing. 
Stagnant air is one of the most uncomfortable feelings, and can make getting a good night’s rest near impossible. Ensure the air in your home is moving by using fans to circulate it, or turning your central air conditioner to its dry setting to remove dampness.

Purchase a dehumidifier (or make one). 
Dehumidifiers are specially designed to remove excess moisture from the air. Depending on what type you purchase, you can also remove other toxins and impurities, too. If you don’t want to splurge, though, you can make your own DIY dehumidifier by drilling holes in the bottom of a large bucket, placing inside another bucket, and filling the inside with rock salt or unscented cat litter. Change the litter two to three times per month.

Avoid introducing unnecessary moisture. 
Taking long showers or running the washing machine frequently will bring a lot of added moisture into the air. On particularly humid days, try hanging clothes outside to dry, and keeping showers quick. If your home is more humid because of a leak, it’s a good idea to run a dehumidifier even after the leak is cleaned up, too.

Open the windows. 
If it’s less humid outside than it is inside your home, improve ventilation by keeping your windows open. Natural air flow will help alleviate some of the damp air, and circulate new air throughout the house.

Don’t over-water house plants. 
Having an abundance of plants in your home can create a tropical-like environment. After watering, be sure there is no stagnant water at the bottom or on top of the plants, and if possible, move some of the plants outdoors temporarily.

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