On April 10, 2017

Reasons recycling rocks


It’s shocking. Less than thirty-five percent of American households recycle—even when roughly seventy-five percent of what we throw out each day is, in fact, recyclable. And, with many communities developing recycling programs, it’s easier than ever to get rid of waste responsibly.

The next time you’re facing a choice between the trash can and the recycling bin, keep these recycling reasons in mind.

You’re Supporting Wildlife
Recycling conserves materials and energy, so we take less from the Earth—less mining, less oil drilling, less deforestation. This helps preserve animals’ habitats, keeping them safer and preserving populations.




You’re Saving Money
Products made from recycled materials often cost less to manufacture, which, in turn, can make items more affordable for you! And, you’re saving money when you reuse items rather than repurchase them.




You’re Protecting the Climate
When you choose to recycle, it uses less energy than manufacturing new materials. This cuts down greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, and makes recycling a more environmentally responsible choice.




You’re Preserving the Environment
Believe it or not, one person generates more than four pounds of trash per day. Sending fewer things to the landfill protects our open space for future generations, and also keeps pollutants out of our soil and water.




You’re Being Healthier
Manufacturing, transporting, and disposing of products releases toxic air and water pollutants linked to cancer, weakened immune systems, allergies, asthma, and more. When you choose to recycle, you’re reducing these pollutants.



You’re Helping the Economy
Many American companies rely heavily on various recycling programs to help supply the raw materials they need in order to make new products. You’re helping the economy—and these companies—when you choose to recycle.



You’re Creating Jobs
Recycling in the U.S. is a huge industry—a $236 billion a year industry, to be exact. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse centers provide employment for more than 1 million American workers. Household recycling keeps this
industry moving.


You’re Continuing the Cycle
Recycling products and purchasing recycled products increases the overall demand for recycled, eco-friendly products. This continuous cycle helps keep recycled materials in circulation.




You’re Reducing Water Pollution
Creating recycled products generates less water pollution than producing goods made from new materials.

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No matter how you look at it, recycling just makes sense. From protecting the environment to helping you save money, it’s worth the added effort to choose the recycling bin over the trash can.



To learn what items can be recycled, and where, visit www.americanlifestylemag.com/recycle.

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