On November 9, 2017

Shoe organization hacks for a small space

Having too many shoes and too small a closet can be one of those common problems you never feel like dealing with. When you factor in all the different seasons and the shoes that go with them, it seems impossible not to have a never-ending pile on the floor. Before you know it, you find that pair you loved from last summer you forgot you even had smashed in the back corner. Never mind organizing according to type and color; sometimes all you have time for is making a messy pile somewhat less messy. This list of hacks for shoes lovers everywhere is sure to make picking out a pair of shoes in the morning the most stress-free part of your day.

Use wire hangers.  

While most people have made the move from wire hangers that get tangled in everything to velvet hangers where the clothes actually stay on, don’t be too quick to toss the old ones in the trash. You can instead cut the straight piece of wire in half to form two pieces that bend upwards, creating the perfect method of hanging up flip-flops or sandals. These are the shoes that especially seem to disappear, so this trick will save you from scrambling to pack at the last minute when vacation rolls around.  If you have extra space after you’ve sorted summer shoes, you can even make this work for hanging up flats as well.

Ladder shelf.

You may have seen people using old wooden ladders for their jewelry, but don’t forget about using this same display for heels or booties. It can make a unique decoration for your living space while also maintaining its practicality. You can paint the ladder whichever color you prefer (or keep it classic wood) and then simply have the heel hanging from each rung.

Use the back of your door.

If you can, using the back of your door as space for shoe storage is a great way to both organize and save space. Sometimes we are so busy looking for room inside our closets that we forget to get creative with what’s right in front of us. There are various organizers to choose from in making this hack work—from plastic to mesh to linen. Forget about that unorganized mess on the floor, and find your favorite pair of shoes in no time with this method.

Create a shoe display.

When short on space inside of your closet, why not turn your problem into artwork? Take a few of your favorite shoes, and put them on display for everyone to see. Create your own shoe store right on your bedroom wall and make picking out a pair of shoes for the day something more than a daily chore. If you really want to commit to this DIY, add a backing mirror or an overhead light to take your most prized pairs to the next level.

Don’t forget about storage cubes.

If you don’t like seeing your shoes on display at all, or at least not the pairs that are older and worn, storage cubes are a great way to keep shoes out of sight. They also help keep your closet floor and your shelves looking organized. Many places carry various-sized storage cubes in different patterns and colors, so you can even have fun with it and create an aesthetically pleasing closet space.

Shoe organization doesn’t have to be your least favorite Sunday chore with these crafty methods. Make the most of your small space and forget about that messy pile of shoes on the floor for good.

For more organizational tips, go to www.americanlifestylemag.com/organized.

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