On August 22, 2017

Summertime cleaning solutions

Spring may be prime time for cleaning, as summer is often reserved for more fun and exciting activities. However, keeping a clean home is even more essential when the weather turns warm, though it can present more challenges.

Avoid the inevitable mildew smell. 
If you live in a humid climate, you know that it doesn’t take long before porous surfaces like furniture start to feel damp and pick up a musty smell. Be sure to open the windows on breezy days and freshen up with a fabric spray once in a while.

Break out the duster. 
Dusty surfaces that accumulate in winter and spring should be wiped clean to make the most of summer sunlight. Dust on blinds, curtains, windowsills, etc. can dull the natural light in a room.

Scrub down the oven. 
We tend to use our ovens less when it’s warm, so take the opportunity to give it a good cleaning. Take out the metal racks and gently scrub off any burnt on food bits, and use an oven cleaner to wash down the inside walls.

Save water and energy. 
Conserve a little on your water bill by running the dishwasher and washer less frequently. If the weather allows, try hanging clothes outside to dry, or washing dishes by hand.

Stop sandy feet. 
If you live near the ocean, or even when coming home from vacation, you know that sand tends to accumulate everywhere. Make sure kids are completely sand free before they enter the house by sprinkling baby powder on sandy spots and dusting it off.

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