On November 30, 2017

Take charge of the kitchen

If you don’t fancy yourself a pro in the kitchen, even minor tasks like cutting an avocado or whisking an egg can seem impossible. But don’t give up just yet! These hacks will help you take the stress out of cooking.

  • Gluten-intolerant? Place a cup or two of brown rice cereal into a food processor and blend to make your own bread crumbs.
  • Everyone has experienced the horror that is “avocado hand” (accidentally slicing your hand while holding an avocado). Keep your digits safe by using a potato masher instead.
  • Avoid drenching your hands in lemon juice by using the ends of a pair of tongs.
  • Tired of getting tangled in plastic wrap? Store the box in your fridge. The cool air makes the wrap easier to work with.
  • When it comes time to make cookies or a cake, clumpy brown sugar is a pain. Prevent sticking by adding a few marshmallows to the bag.
  • Cook that grilled cheese in a hurry (or in a hotel room) by buttering both sides of the bread, and wrapping in foil. Press both sides with a clothing iron for 2 minutes, and voila!
  • Don’t spit those pits! Easily de-pit cherries and other small fruits by placing them over a glass bottle and pressing a straw through the middle.
  • Keep ice cream nice and soft by placing the container in a plastic storage bag before putting it in the freezer.
  • If you’re clumsy with cracking eggs, remove shell fragments from the bowl by scooping them up with half of the shell.
  • No need to cry! Prevent tearing up while onion cutting by putting a piece of bread in your mouth.

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