On March 11, 2016

Terrariums: Making a Miniature World

Terrariums are a vibrant, unique way to inject a little greenery into any space. These lush miniature landscapes make for soothing scenery all year long, and you can buy almost everything at your local craft store. Follow this step-by-step guide to create your own terrarium in no time!

Step 1: Prepare Your Container
You can use any glass container for a terrarium—just make sure it has an opening wide enough to fit your hand. Be sure the container you use is washed out and clean before you start.

Step 2: Create a Drainage Layer
Use stones or rocks for the bottom layer. This is to create false drainage so water can settle and not flood the plant. The depth of the rocks depends on the size of your container, but aim for 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

Step 3: Add Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal is a soil conditioner that absorbs excess moisture and odors, improves oxygen levels for roots, and is a great water filter. Use gloves or a scoop when adding to your container because it can be messy. You only need to use enough to cover the rocks.

Step 4: Add Moss
The moss will grab runaway water and hold on to it. Moss comes very dry and can be unruly at times, so make sure to wet it slightly before you place it in your container.

Step 5: Top with Soil
Your soil should be your thickest layer. This is where your plants will get all of their nutrients. Some plants need special soil, so be sure to get the appropriate bag depending on which plants you’re using.

Step 6: Transfer Your Plants
Indoor plants are also a great choice because they require less light. Make sure they are small enough to fit in your jar, preferably without touching the sides. Add more soil around the top and compact the soil down around the base of each plant.

Step 7: Accessorize
Now comes the fun part! After you’re done planting, you can add little accessories, such as figurines, old toys, or any fun little trinkets to make your new environment pretty. This is your little world, and you can put whatever you’d like in there!

Here are some helpful maintenance tips for your terrarium. Place it in a bright spot indoors, but out of direct sun, and use a spray bottle to water the plants. You want it to be damp, but not soaked, so you only need a couple of squirts. To prevent trouble for your terrarium, never use glass cleaner on the inside of it, 
as it could make your plants sick. And if leaves die or wilt, remove them immediately; if an entire plant dies, take it out.

That’s all there is to it! Your new terrarium will provide years of enjoyment with a little care.

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