On September 11, 2015

Callista is excellent.

I can’t explain how lucky we feel that we found Callista when we bought our new home. She is very professional, easy to work with, honest, not pushy in any way, and really quiet fun to interact with.

She knows a lot about a lot–neighborhoods, architecture, construction methods, renovation costs, property valuation, schools/parks, permitting, landscaping, etc.

She is extremely organized and knows how to get things done. We saw our new home at an open house on a Sunday afternoon. Callista found out that there was at least one offer coming in that evening. She had our offer put together that night, presented to the seller in the morning, and accepted by the seller before noon. She knew exactly what we needed to do to quickly put together a wining offer without overpaying, which is a pretty impressive feat in the current market.

I can’t imagine buying a house in the Bay Area without Callista. Even with all the info available online nowadays for buying homes, a good realtor is really worth their weight. Callista is excellent.

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