On September 11, 2015

My wife and I loved working with Callista.

My wife and I loved working with Callista. We met her at an open house last year and decided to work with her to find our first home in San Francisco.

During the entire experience, she was helpful, dedicated, patient, and very professional. At the beginning, she sat down with us and explained the entire process and answered all our questions. She is honest and always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy us. She will always tell her opinion and not necessary to convince us.

She would take us on house tours, help us find potential places, and listened to our needs when we did not like a home or a neighborhood. She really took our criteria into consideration and explained well the market in SF.

On top of that, she is very quick at preparing deals, getting everything ready on the table to make an offer. That’s a big plus. I remember deciding very last minute or changing mind at the last minute and she would redo all the paperwork in no time!

After we closed on the house, she still checks on us and is ready to help with any issues. She is always easy to reach and it’s great to think that she can still help us even though we are not actively working with her anymore.

Great work Callista! Hope you stay the same!

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