On September 11, 2015

She also took the time to listen and learn about what we were looking for

We first met Callista when visiting an open house where she was the listing agent. After an interview, we decided to work with her. She also took the time to listen and learn about what we were looking for. The very next day, we were out home hunting, and saw four different units. One of these, which Callista had specifically noted prior to touring as being a potentially perfect fit for us, became the first home on which we placed an offer. We didn’t get that unit because of intense competition and the offers going far over list price, but we got the next one (and are happy we didn’t get the first!).

During both offers, Callista prepared documents early and answered our many questions as first-time buyers, either by helping us understand disclosures or by reaching out to the listing agent when the information was unavailable. One of the most important things she did for us was provide guidance on how to make ourselves more competitive in an extremely competitive market. It was very important to the sellers of the home we bought that we close quickly. Callista’s expertise and hard work, including smooth coordination with our mortgage banker during the offer process, helped make it very clear to the sellers that we were serious, prepared, and ready to move. In the end, these are the things that we think made the difference and helped us create a winning offer for the place we now call home.

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