On September 11, 2015

She knows the market

Yelp says 5 stars is “Woohoo! as good as it gets!”  and that pretty much sums it up with Callista. Really. She knows the market –  can craft a winning deal – and get it across the finish line – even in difficult situations in our crazy SF market.

So my story: I enlisted Callista to help me find an investment property. What impressed me the most was she was my partner during the process rather then just trying to make a sale. First, she understood my goals in what I was looking for. She was good a showing me when properties did not meet my needs. She did not push, but when she did find the right property, at the right time and price she was great at letting me see why. Just that made it worth the price of admission, but her value really started to show next.

First. She positioned me to be the winning deal. (which in SF is hard enough) Through her professionalism and approach, we were able to beat out others (and that did not necessarily mean on price) by literately minutes! Wow!

Next she shepherd me (pun intended)  though the escrow and closing process so I had no worries or problems – it went extremely smooth.  So what difficulties situation did I have? Well none, since she was always working it and staying ahead of the game. Callista also helped after the close – giving me advice on my new venture that proved valuable.

Bottom line, I would definitely recommend Callista for buying or selling a home – You will not find anyone better!

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