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the difference between home staging and decorating

Staging your home for an open house is a crucial step in making sure it looks appealing to potential buyers. However, many are unaware of the difference between full-on redecorating and simply staging a home to be presentable for showings. Here is a breakdown of what home staging really means and how you can get your interior ready for the market.

Clean instead of buy.
Many people feel the need to decorate and go buy new, expensive pieces when home staging. However, there are many ways to spruce up your interior spacewithout breaking the bank. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning of every surface and room, including baseboards and those nooks and crannies that you normally skip over.


Remove any clutter.
Getting rid of things you don’t need or use on an everyday basis is a crucial step in the home staging process. Mail piled on the counter, books not stacked neatly, or even larger pieces like small tables everywhere can create the appearance of a cluttered space. Make sure to donate or throw away items that you find get in the way of anyone seeing the potential your home offers.

Play around with placement.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with moving around centerpieces, artwork, and accessories dotting your house. A major aspect of staging includes simply playing around with where things are already stationed instead of completely redoing the decor. Switch up your dining room centerpiece with what’s in your kitchen. Dust off a vintage vase, and put some flowers in it for your bedside table. If you have multiple sets of bath towels, change up the old for the never-used. It’s all about creating the illusion that you redid your space without completely doing so.

Try to be objective.
The problem with redecorating right before getting ready to sell is that, when you go out and buy new pieces, those pieces have your personality on it. Many expert home stagers say the key is to depersonalize your space so potential buyers can see themselves living there. This doesn’t mean getting rid of every family photo or splash of color, but rather tailoring it in a way so that when people walk through your home, they can envision themselves there. Try and take yourself out of the picture and ask yourself what the next homeowner would want to see.

These differences may seem subtle, but the key to staging versus redecorating is not going all-out. Rather; it’s switching things up, decluttering, doing minor touch-ups, and playing musical chairs with your furnishings and decor. All of these tips will put you one step closer to making your home a success on the market.

Source: americanlifestylemag.com

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