On October 12, 2017

Tips for eco-friendly living in a tiny space

Small spaces are all the craze right now. From apartments to tiny houses, downsizing is becoming increasingly popular. But, just because you have a small space, doesn’t mean that you have to count green living out. Here are five ways to integrate eco-friendly living into your cozy, small space.

Use natural cleaning supplies. 
Let’s face it, regardless of the size of your dwelling, you’ll have to clean. Instead of using chemical-heavy products, opt for natural ones, or make your own. Avoiding products that contain bleach are healthier to breathe in, and will still leave your space spick-and-span.

Get stackable trash and recycling bins. 
Part of the problem with recycling is that it takes up a lot of space. However, if you don’t have extra room to spare, consider getting stackable trash and recycling bins. They will help you to better utilize your space, and save the environment all at the same time.

Say no to the elevator. 
If you live in an apartment building with an elevator, consider taking the stairs instead. Skipping the elevator and using the stairs will help to conserve energy. And, as an added bonus, your clothes may even begin to fit better.

Breathe fresh air into your space. 
Plants are the perfect decoration for a small space. Whether it’s in your bedroom or family room, live plants add fresh oxygen to the air, and take out excess carbon dioxide. Consider hanging plants or small potted centerpieces, whatever works with your style!

Love the kitchen.
Oftentimes, ordering takeout can quickly become a bad habit, but cooking at home is an environmentally friendly alternative. While getting used to a small kitchen can be challenging, it has a variety of benefits. It helps to reduce the amount of waste—bags, containers, and utensils—that result from takeout. Cooking for yourself also allows you to choose better ingredients and save money.

For more green living tips, visit www.americanlifestylemag.com/recycle.

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