On May 8, 2018

Tips for Maintaining a Vegetable Garden

From saving money to limiting the number of pesticides, growing your own vegetables has vast benefits. However, extra care is required for your vegetable garden to reach its full potential. Use these simple tips to maintain your garden and ensure that your veggies are colorful and bountiful.

Give water.

  • Regular water is essential to growing vegetables. Without adequate water, vegetables will not fill out.
  • Try to aim for providing an inch or two of water per week—but be mindful not to overwater.
  • You can’t always rely on rain. Use a hose and/or an irrigation system.

Pull weeds.

  • Veggies shouldn’t have to compete with weeds for food and water.
  • Each season, remove any existing weeds before you start to plant.
  • To remove, either utilize a hoe or an organic weed killer.
  • Keep pathways and the areas between plants weed-free.

Disperse mulch.

  • Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your veggies.
  • It can help defeat weeds and save water.
  • It’s best to spread mulch after your veggies are already planted.
  • The preferred type of mulch for a veggie garden is seed-free straw.

Provide food.

  • Keep in mind that vegetables are heavy feeders.
  • Try to work some organic matter (such as fruits, leaves, and straw) into your garden before planting each year.
  • Organic plant foods are slow-releasing and will continue to feed your plants all year long.
  • If need be, dress your garden with additional organic matter once or twice during the season.


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