On March 21, 2017

Turn an old tire into sophisticated storage

What home doesn’t need additional storage? An ideal blend of beauty and function, this smart storage solution isn’t tired—it’s chic! Rubber tires, if not recycled properly, will remain unchanged in a landfill for many, many years. Instead, why not try upcycling?

We’ll show you how to turn that old tire into a sophisticated storage solution you’ll love in any room in the house.


  • Primer paint spray
  • Old car tire
  • ¼-inch-thick round plywood sheet, bottom diameter
  • Power drill
  • 3/16-inch drill bit
  • 8 (#8) 2½-inch
  • machine screws
  • 8 (#8) lock nuts
  • 4 table legs
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue gun sticks
  • 400 feet of natural fiber sisal rope
  • 1-inch-thick round plywood sheet, top diameter
  • Batting
  • Scissors
  • Fabric of your choice
  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Staple gun
  • Polyurethane


1. Spray the inside of the tire with the primer paint spray to help prevent rubber fumes escaping.

2. Place the bottom plywood on top of the tire. Drill eight holes through the wood and the tire. Screw in the machine screws from the bottom, and then attach with lock nuts to hold the wood in place.

3. Separate the table legs equal distances on the wood. Drill a pilot hole, and then screw the legs into the wood. Carefully flip the tire over and stand it up on the legs.

4. Using the hot glue gun and starting at the bottom of the tire, apply a line of hot glue to the tire, then carefully glue down the rope, wrapping it around the tire. Continue circling until the tire is completely covered in rope. Cut off any excess rope with scissors. Tip: be sure to hot glue the ends of the rope to help prevent fraying.

5. Once the tire is completely covered with the rope, you will begin working on the top. Add the batting to the top, and staple one side of the fabric down. Stuff the pillow full, and then staple the rest of the sides down, carefully overlapping the fabric as you go. Remove excess fabric with scissors.

6. Flip the seat over, and gather the rope. Starting from the center of the panel, coil the rope outward, securing the rope to the wood with hot glue while taking care to cover any excess fabric.

7. Cover all of the rope with an even coat of polyurethane to help protect it. Allow the ottoman to dry for 24 hours in a well-ventilated space before bringing it indoors.

And that’s it! In practically no time, you have created a unique storage piece for your home that will last for years.

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