On March 24, 2017

Turn the page with these 3 diy magazine crafts

Most of us have a stack of old magazines lying around the house. Sure, you know that paper can be recycled —but did you also know that it can be upcycled? Here, we’ll take a look at three easy and fun DIY craft projects, perfect for bringing new life to your old magazines.

Paper Beads

Paper beads are perfect for a wide variety of uses—from jewelry to keychains. And, with just a few changes to the way you cut your strips, you can create paper beads of all shapes and sizes. Follow the instructions below and use our handy downloadable template to start creating unique pieces you’ll love!


Basket Weaving

Baskets provide the perfect balance of form and function, beauty and practicality. And, believe it or not, basket weaving is surprisingly easy to do yourself. Follow these step-by-step instructions to transform your old magazines into a beautiful and practical storage solution. These baskets can be used throughout the house, from storing DVDs to beauty supplies. The only limit is your imagination!


Paper Flowers

Love the look of flowers but not a big fan of the necessary upkeep or short shelf life? This easy and fun DIY project features all of the beauty of fresh flowers but with none of the upkeep. Colorful pages ensure a unique and bright bouquet that will last for years and are sure to brighten up your desk or side table!

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