On February 17, 2016

Vegetable Planting Companions



Like many things in life, proper pairing requires good strategy. This is especially true in the garden, where vegetables often grow better when they are with other vegetables. Certain vegetables help repel bugs that could kill another plant, or the nutrients one plant provides the soil can help another grow fuller and more flavorful. This holds true for tomatoes and carrots, for example. In addition, corn and potatoes tend to work well together because the former loves the sun, while the latter thrives in shade. And perhaps the best-known example of a symbiotic garden relationship is the “Three Sisters” of corn, bean and squash that’s credited to Native American lore.

But the opposite is also true. Some plants will weaken or could not survive in the company of their foe. Potatoes and tomatoes are a good example of this; they will naturally inhibit each other’s growth at the root level if they are in close proximity.

Knowing which vegetables make the best pairings could be the difference between a fruitful garden harvest and a garden catastrophe. We’re here to help! Download this printable guide and keep it handy when you’re planning how to plot your vegetable garden.

Source : AmericanLifestyleMag.com

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