On March 2, 2016

Vertical Gardening Tips

Looking for a way to make a garden in a small space? Try using the vertical garden method! You can find a lot of vertical garden ideas on the Internet, but here are some tips to consider before you venture out to create your own.


You know the importance of location, location, location. And that’s true with your vertical garden, too. Plan the location ahead of time for your garden, paying particular attention to the environment and light your plants will need to grow in.

Be Plant Smart

You should choose plants that have similar light and temperature requirements. For example, if your vertical garden is going to live near a window, you shouldn’t put plants that don’t need to be in direct sunlight with ones that do.


It is important to know the size of the container you are planning on using to hold your plants. You need to know if it is big enough to allow your plants to expand, or if you will need to eventually move the plants to bigger containers at some point.


Be mindful of the type of container you will be using as well. You don’t want to kill your plants due to over- or underwatering, so make sure your container is able to drain well. Support Know how heavy your plants will get once they are fully grown. If your vertical system can only support small plants, you will want to make sure that the holder will not break once the plants are 
fully grown.

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