On December 4, 2017

What You May Not Know about Marin & the San Francisco Metropolitan Area

While waiting for final data on the feverish 2017 real estate market to arrive, we thought to step back from homes and, instead, look at the people who live in them. Compiled solely for your entertainment and, perhaps, mild edification.

Depending on data source, these analyses pertain to either Marin County alone, or to a multi-county San Francisco Metro Area, as delineated on each chart.

Our latest analyses of the Marin real estate market can still be found here: Marin Market Report

Ethnicity, Race & Ancestry

Religious and Spiritual Practices & Beliefs
Bay Area Statistics

Education and Income by Education

Employment, Wages & Commuting

The Bureau of Labor statistics analyzes average annual wages for over 700 local occupations in the Bay Area. Below is a sampling of approximately 50 of them.

Spending Money
Bay Area Statistics


The Ages of Marin

Marin Land Use

Marin Housing Affordability Trends

Selected Statistics by Marin County ZIP CODE

Income, Age, Education & Foreign Birth

Unsurprisingly, degree of education correlates strongly with household income figures.

How Americans Spend the Hours of Their Days
National Statistics

The data herein is from a wide variety of third party sources deemed reliable – much of it from national, state and local government data sources – but it may contain errors, and is subject to revision. When the term San Francisco Metro Area is used, it signifies that the data includes multiple Bay Area counties, however different organizations sometimes vary in which counties they include in that description. If different sources disagreed, we chose the data we thought most reasonable. Different analyses often pertain to somewhat different time periods. All data should be considered approximate or good-faith estimates.

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